• SPRING 2016

    It's SPRINGY here in New Mexico! Welcome back to handthrownbottles.com (which is in massive need of updating YES--there is new (multi-media) work. Photos and opps for purchase will be in the portfolio sometime....soon-ish... hopefully).

    Super excited!!! Within the next month I'll be firing my very own kiln! In my very own studio! This is a big deal! And I can't wwwwwait to share with you the CLAY WORK that'll be fired in the next little while...

    Things are gettin' real. Much love, and feel free to drop me a message, Mmmkay?

    Happy Near-Spring! The birds are singin' and the seeds are gearin' up for plantin'...

    Seed jars? seed holders? seed vessel sets? . . .

  • WINTER 2015

    New Studio ~ 2014 / 2015

    Over the next months, I am setting up a new studio workspace to throw, fire, and lampwork. I will be purchasing a kiln for clay firing, and will have a central place to work with all mediums in one studio!

    Studio managing a local artist's new sculpture studio (focused mainly in woodworking) in dual-studio setting.

    What kind of vessels would you like to see in 2015? Seed pots, seed pots, or seed pots? Or what about ................ seed pots?

    February work @ Santa Fe Clay! : Spa vessels, essence bottles, overall wheel throwing, exploring artistic-bent on useful containers, functional art.

    FALL 2013

    Sifting and sorting, sifting and sorting.... sorting and sifting...

    Empowering to take action!

    Making lesson plans for Spring/Summer 2014 art classes.

    Working for Holiday Shows and Sales.

    Relaxing into my Vortex! Yoga.

    Stay tuned.

    2013 Summer

    Fridays 4PM-7PM I'll be at the Farmer's Market ~ La Tienda, El Dorado NM
    My work is represented by Eclectic's Art Gallery which features only NM artists.
    Come get your local grown food, wares & art on!

    ~ Click Here For Sold Work ~

    Please contact me with any inquiries re: commisions, bridal sets, shows, specialized gifts or info about my work.